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Business Coaching, Career Coaching & Skills Development

At SVACORE our mission is to make a difference. Using our knowledge, expertise and experience. We enable clients to gain clarity about the changes they would like to make, and then to put the strategies and actions in place to bring this about.

We do this by providing Executive and Business coaching, Career coaching as well as providing training and facilitation services to our clients.

Business Consultation

Executive and Business Coaching

Executive and business coaching is an exceptional instrument for individual professional development or to help with the growth of a business.

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Skills Development & Facilitation

Study after study has shown the most successful individuals from a business perspective have soft skills that complement their technical skills.

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Career Coaching

Are you looking to boost your career, gain that promotion or want to make a transition into something different?

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Coaching brings clarity,
clarity enables action.

Throughout my career I have been in a number of management roles which has given me a wealth of insight into leading and developing individuals and teams. I love helping people develop successful careers. I was a hiring manager and I am a veteran of many recruitment campaigns where I reviewed thousands of CV’s and interviewed and hired hundreds of staff members. Combining all this means that Career coaching is a natural fit for me.

Psychometric Tests

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Embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery with Svacore. Self-awareness is an important key to effortlessly navigate through professional and personal endeavours. The powerful yet easy online tests at Svacore can be taken by anyone, anywhere, in every profession for an accurate assessment of your core competencies and areas of improvement. The rewards of psychometric testing are manifold and open the window to greater self-awareness.

SVACORE has proudly partnered with, and facilitated these remarkable companies

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