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I work with individuals to help them achieve a goal or level of performance within the context of their working life that will also benefit the overall strategic growth of the business. I work with career-focused people who are sole traders or working within SMEs, large organisations, or multinationals.

Executive and business coaching is an exceptional instrument for individual professional development or to help with the growth of a business.

Executive and Business Coaching

Business Consultation

For more detail on how Executive and Business coaching can help you

For more information on career coaching

Are you unhappy in your career? Is it time to consider something different? Are you considering a Career transition?

Perhaps you are wondering about how to boost your career, get to the next level or gain that promotion?

Maybe you are a jobseeker and you need help to find a job?

Employers, are you struggling to select the right candidates to fill your roles? Could you benefit from Hiring assistance?

Maybe as an employer you are in the unfortunate position that you have to lay employees off but you want to support them in their job search for their next role and provide Outplacement support.

Career Coaching

Similing Team

Study after study has shown the most successful individuals from a business perspective have soft skills that complement their technical skills. Soft skills are the non-technical skills such as the ability to communicate, work in a team, cope under pressure, organize, plan, communicate,  (to name but a few.)

Skills Development and Facilitation


For more information on skills development and facilitation

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